2018 EVENT


The first mountain academy was a weekend to remember. It took place on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees Mountains.

The day started with an early morning hike for the early birds, looking for chamois up in the mountains while we shared some family time and talked about tips and tricks.

After a couple of hours in the field we went back down to the central location where all the seminars and workshops where going to take place. The location chosen for this first academy was in Eth Cerer de Montadi, at the base of the Lacs de Colomers, in the amazing “Val d´Aran” valley.

The plan for the weekend was to cover over several seminars, clinics and workshops the most important things you have to consider on any mountain hunt, from equipment to hunting techniques explained by some of the most renamed mountain hunters in the industry.


We started covering the layering system and equipment to take depending on the mountain hunt we are planning to tackle. Jorge Amador and Pedro Ampuero went over every single item that you may can think off, explaining the differences in materials and uses to be sure we take a smart choice on our future hunts.

Jesus Liñan from Hunt´ers talked about taking the shot on a mountain hunt, explaining the differences in materials, and going through his experience as a hunter, but also as a profesional hunting guide.

The morning passed pretty quick with so many interesting talks an after a lunch break we got back at it. One of the things that made this event so interesting was every of the participants sharing their experiences and thoughts.


After lunch we sat down on an open talk with some of the most experienced mountain hunting outfitter in Spain. From left to right Jordi Figarolas from Aventure Boreal; Juan Mitjans from Fernando Saiz Outfitters; Cristian Abella from Beni Ibex and Bruno Rosich from Trophy Hunting Spain. These guides spend well over a hundred days each season guiding for ibex and chamois between others, and they shared the most common mistakes they see on hunters.

First field preparation of an animal is key and Ramon Garoz y Juanjo Garoz, a third generation taxidermy family explained how to properly execute this in the field. They have done hundreds of mountain hunts and knew all the challenges hunters experience when doing this in remote locations under extreme conditions.

Finally the day finished with Pedro Ampuero sharing his experience when taking the bow into high mountain game hunts, and David Asin from Vital Archery the most technical questions he typically gets asked at his archery pro shop. People was able to spend some time after it shooting the bow and some tried shooting a bow for the first time.

After so much learning it ws time to relax and enjoy an unreal dinner at the Eth Cerer de Montadi, where we laughed and had a great time talking about what we like the most.

We also did the giveaways from the wonderful sponsors, which include a Spanish Ibex hunt by Hunt´ers, a Kestrel Knife, a rifle setup from Armeria Nieremberg and a KUIU Full Kit 1800 Ultra pack! The lucky winners were happy!

Sunday starts the same way hiking to a different area where we could enjoy the views of red deer, chamois and wild boars. The pyrenees range is one of the most beautiful places you can hike in Spain.

The seminars started with Sergi Gasa, and experienced alpine guide and part of the rescue team which shared some really valuable safety information and techniques.

Then Juan Antonio Garcia Alonso which is part of the Culminum Magister Club and one of the most experienced mountain hunters in the world, explained us what to look for when booking a hunt and the different destinations and animals in the world. He owns a hunting agency called Camino Real and has a lot of experience sending clients all over the world.

We end up the morning checking and playing with a lot of gear.

The event conclude with a farewell barbecue, which everyone enjoyed.

For sure a weekend that we will never forget and the beginning on something big. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the next stop!