Mountain Hunters are people that like to push it beyond the boundaries, exploring remote country where there is no trace of civilization, sometimes in multiple day trips and in really extreme conditions. Heading into this hunts with the right knowledge and preparation will be the key to the success of the trip.

The purpose is to get all those passionate hunters together in the same place, to share the individual experiences and knowledge collectively, guided by an educational base to be better prepared for our next adventure.

The event is open to everyone, but there are limited entries so please do not think it twice and make your reservation today. This first event will be given in Spanish, while future events in other locations will be in other languages. In case you really want to come and spanish is not your language, please do not hesitate to contact us because we might be able to do something.

The 2018 MHA will take place during the weekend of  July 6th – July 8th.

The location chosen for this year´s academy will be in the Spanish side of the magnificent Pyrenees Mountain Range, on the Val d´Aran region located in the border with France. The main town where all the activities will take is Salardu.